Spanish 20

Cost: $250 per week.
Teaching hours: 20 weekly (five hours a day, four days a week).
Schedule: From Monday to Thursday | 8:00 AM – 01:00 PM.
Free days: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (and holidays).

Two weeks or longer includes:
– Cooking Class and Walking tour.
– Airport pick up (round trip).
– Textbook.

ASUL “untangles your tongue” within an effective and funny learning methodology in our Spanish program of 20 hours per week. The academy offers flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of hours according to your needs, by choosing the intensive or regular mode. Made for all purposes: business, specific professional or technical areas, or just the placer to speak a romance language, the fact is Spanish is getting more and more essential nowadays. Also, students could decide to experience the family host option and tourist program for a very reasonable price.

ASUL’s teachers are characterize for their multicultural learning experienced, friendly attitude, leadership skills and an extensive “Tico’s culture” knowledge. They apply a flexible learning program adapted to the rhythm of progress the students show. Based in the Communicative Method, we offer real time encounters with daily situations, where the students face and speak Spanish throw a direct interaction with the national environment.

Classes include 4 components: grammar, pronunciation, listening and writing, with a guide practice, programmed evaluations and real time encounters where students get out of the classroom and instantly practice the topics reviewed on class.
Our teaching method develops a communicative competence, helping to create and sustain student´s motivation and interest, which represent key factors to succeed in the learning process.

ASUL’s team will be delighted to welcome you and make your abroad experience effective and pleasurable. At the end you will confirm: It worth it to select the best choice!


Te ofrecemos cursos virtuales de idiomas para formar ciudadanos globales, “un ciudadano global es alguien que conoce y comprende el mundo en general, y su lugar en él. Toman un papel activo en su comunidad y trabajan con otros para hacer que nuestro planeta sea más justo y sostenible”. Definido por OXFAM. Portugués-Inglés-Mandarín-Ruso-Francés-Italiano-Español.

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