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SPANISH FOR FOREIGNERS is a program specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language with a functional, entertaining and exclusive method. We have the most professional staff, technology and logistics to assure that each course will be the best educational experience our students deserve. We focus on the quality and know how in order to make you speak real Spanish in record time, with the maximum amount of fun, security, pedagogical tools and at the lowest cost possible.

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Hello, have you ever thought about learning Spanish in Costa Rica? Discover your aptitude for Spanish while at the same time discovering beaches, mountains, volcanos, rivers, and more!

Visit www.asul.biz and check out our Spanish programs and adventures, for very reasonable prices, you’ll get more than you paid for!

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Learn, explore, enjoy. ASUL welcomes you!

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Te ofrecemos cursos virtuales de idiomas para formar ciudadanos globales, “un ciudadano global es alguien que conoce y comprende el mundo en general, y su lugar en él. Toman un papel activo en su comunidad y trabajan con otros para hacer que nuestro planeta sea más justo y sostenible”. Definido por OXFAM. Portugués-Inglés-Mandarín-Ruso-Francés-Italiano-Español.

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